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The International Science and Technology Honours Competition (ISTHC) is an international research competition for students of Grade 7th to 12th (or equivalent), jointly hosted with the Institute of Arts and Sciences Singapore, a CPE-registered private institution. ISTHC aims to promote young scholars to address the current and future challenges the world is facing and to present their original ideas to tackle those issues with a scientific approach. 


ISTHC invites students around the world to submit their research papers and essays. After a careful evaluation by our esteemed judges based on the judging criteria, selected research papers from each Group will be awarded for their excellence.




Institute of Arts & Sciences

Roy Chan founded the Institute of Arts and Sciences with the goal of providing life-transforming educational opportunities to students not only in Singapore but across the region in Asia as well as further abroad in the US and UK. 

Previously, he was a seasoned finance investor and advisor,

as well as a successful entrepreneur in the healthcare diagnostics sector.

He is an avid traveler and a photographer. 

Roy is proudly Singaporean.

Daniel Anggono

Senior Vice President,
Sanofi Pharmaceuticals

Southeast Asia

Daniel is a pharmaceutical executive at Sanofi Pharma in Singapore leading the access strategy for Sanofi’s entire pharma portfolio (7 key franchises) across 15 emerging markets in the Asia region.
Previously, Daniel was based in the US with Sanofi-Genzyme, Pfizer and IQVIA (formerly known as IMS Consulting Group). In these roles, he led the global market access teams in oncology, breast cancer and diabetes. 
A native of Indonesia, Daniel grew up in Singapore before migrating to the US. 


Daniel studied Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania.


Suan Futt

Author &


Suan Futt has been a writer, published author and journalist for over 20 years.


During this time, he has worked in various capacities as writer, copy editor and managing editor to a diversity of platforms that include trade journals, websites and magazines covering a broad range of consumer interests, from motoring, entertainment and cuisine to technology, computer games and luxury goods.


He has also authored a series of books on case stories of Singapore crime.

Suan Futt has a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Political Science from the National University of Singapore.



Critical Thinking

The thesis of the paper must be backed up by strong research, judgment, reasoning and logic.

Real World Relevance

The paper must address current, real world issues and feature potential solutions that are relevant, applicable and reliable.

Scholastic Distinction & Originality

The thesis of the paper must feature the author’s original ideas and must have intellectual and scholastic merit.

Submissions that do not follow the Participation Rules, Submission Criteria and ISTHC’s Academic Honesty & Integrity policies will be disqualified. 

20 APRIL 2020

Submission Deadline*

30 APRIL 2020

Award Announced

* Midnight Singapore Time




What is a current and/or future challenge the world is facing? How can we address this challenge with a science-based solution? 

Participant Grades

  • Group A Seniors (10th - 12th) 

  • Group B Juniors (7th - 9th)

Participation Rules

  • Each participant is allowed to submit only one application per competition. 

  • Participants must submit their essay in English.

  • In addition to a fully completed online application form, the research paper must be uploaded in Word .doc, Mac .Pages or Adobe PDF format. 

  • Word limit is minimum 1,200 to maximum 3,000 words. Please refer to the Submission Guidelines for specific details. 

  • Only individual participation is accepted (team participation is not allowed).

  • The registration fee is 380 SGD.

Submission Guidelines

  • The filename should be in a format of: ISTHC_name_school_grade

  • The pages must have 1-inch margins, and the text must be written double-spaced, in 12 pt Times New Roman. 

  • Required sections are: Cover Page, Abstract, Main Body and Bibliography. Other sections may be added per participant's discretion, including main body subsections and Appendix. 

  • The pages must be numbered except for the cover page. There is no page number limit. 

  • Word limit is minimum 1,200 to maximum 3,000 words for the Abstract and Main Body. All tables and figure descriptions in the Main Body are included in the word count. The Appendix and Bibliography are excluded from the word count. Word count must be included in the cover page. 

  • The cover page must include student name, school affiliation and grade, email address, title of paper, and word count.

  • The Abstract must contain a summary of the paper with a maximum of 500 words. Abstract is included in the total word count.

  • All Figures (pictures, diagrams, etc.) are to be indexed and are required to have a textual description. 

  • All web-based and print-based information, data and secondary research referenced in the paper must be cited in the bibliography section. 


ISTHC Medals

Awards: Gold / Silver / Bronze / Runners Up

Certificate of Participation

Awarded for all participants

Online Mentoring and Q&A

with our esteemed Judging Panel for all participants

A Chance To Get Published

in our Annual Magazine*

*Subject to further confirmation and at ISTHC discretion for winning entries


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Academic Honesty & Integrity 

​In accordance with ISTHC’s internal policy, it is the responsibility of each participant to comply with our academic integrity and intellectual honesty policy that adheres to the highest standards of professional and personal conduct.       


To protect and uphold academic, intellectual and scholarly integrity, the below are strictly prohibited:


I confirm that by ticking the box, I have read, understood and comply with ISTHC’s Academic Honesty & Integrity policy.


Terms & Conditions

I confirm that by ticking the box, I have read, understood and comply with ISTHC’s Terms and Conditions.



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The Institute of Arts and Sciences (IAS) is a CPE registered education institution in Singapore. Established in 2013, IAS seeks to provide education to all who seek intellectual and personal growth to achieve their aspirations in a caring and supportive atmosphere. 


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